Consult Dr. Paul C Drago for ENT Disease and Get well soon

Otolaryngology ??

The branch of medicine that deals with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the ear, nose, and throat. Also called otorhinolaryngology. Dr. Paul C Drago is one of those renowned Otolaryngologist form Greenvilee Sc. He Is not only ENT specialist but expert in Cosmetic surgery also. He posses a huge experience of 24 years. Dr. Drago completed his Bachelor of Science in Zoology at the University of Maryland in 1985. His undergraduate achievements include serving as a Pre-Medical Counselor and earning the President’s Scholarship Award. Continuing his education at the Ohio State University College of Medicine, he earned his Doctor of Medicine in 1990. Dr. Paul Drago went on to complete a postdoctoral internship in general surgery, a residency in otolaryngology, and a fellowship in facial plastics and reconstructive surgery.


Dr. Paul C Drago known for his panacea treatment for all ENT Disease.Dr. Paul Drago is not only expert in Dealing ENT disease but performing all kind of beauty surgery also. He is huge experienced doctor in Greenville SC and posses good moral character which is the necessary character to becomes a good doctor. A doctor who have empathy about his patient is considered to be a good doctor. There are six traits which is to follow to becomes a good doctor and Doctor Paul C Drago posses all of those traits. These traits are Collaboration and cooperation ,Strong listening skills, Communication skills ,Self-confidence and mental resilience ,Humility , Lack of arrogance , Appreciation for others ,Mentoring .


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